Common RKVST Terms

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ABACAttribute-Based Access Control; policy that allows you to grant fine-grain access to members of your Tenancy
access policygrants chosen Asset and Event access to stakeholders
administratoruser with permission to see all Asset and Event information within a Tenancy, and to grant access to other users
app registrationclient ID and client secret credentials that are used to access the RKVST API
anchoredSimple Hash events are committed to the blockchain by hashing them in batches. The hash recorded on the chain is called the anchor
assetan RKVST Asset is an entry in your tenancy, which has a collection of attributes that describes its current state and a complete life history of Events
asset_attributeskey-value pairs that represent information about an Asset
bearer tokenaccess token for RKVST API; created using App Registration credentials
behavioursdetail what class of events in an Asset lifecycle you might wish to record
compliance policyuser-defined rule sets that Assets can be tested against
eventtracks key moments of an Asset lifecycle; details of Who Did What When to an Asset
event_attributeskey-value pairs that represent information about an Event
khipuProof Mechanism that commits information directly to the RKVST blockchain so it can be verified any time after it is confirmed
OBACOrganization-Based Access Control; policy allows sharing with the Administrator of another organization
operationclass of Event being performed
proof mechanismmethod by which information on the RKVST blockchain can be verified; selected when an Asset is created
public assetAssets that can be used to publicly assert data, accessible by URL without the need for an RKVST account
selectoridentifying attribute the Yaml Runner will use to check if your Asset exists already before attempting to create it
simple hashProof Mechanism that commits information to the RKVST blockchain in batches; value can confirm that information in the batch has not changed
tenancyan organization’s private area within RKVST, containing Asset and Event data
tenant display namedisplayed only within own Tenancy for easy identification and switching
verified domainTenancy name visible to others you share with; must be verified by RKVST team

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