Assign Users to RKVST for Interactive Use

Giving Users access to RKVST

To enable access for individual users to your RKVST tenant:

  • Assign Users to the RKVST Enterprise application.
  • Grant assigned users the appropriate RKVST roles.

This Microsoft Guide provides the general details for assigning users and their roles.

Locate your RKVST Enterprise Application

Having completed admin consent, locate the enterprise application principals for your RKVST.

There will be two Homepage URLs which match the FQDN for the link you received.

The URL for the root resource is your API principal, this is where roles are assigned to users and non-interactive clients.

Azure Enterprise Applications
Note: The /webgate principal authorizes your RKVST tenant to act on your users behalf. It needs no further configuration.

Select the principal with the Homepage URL matching your link.

Selecting Your Principle
  1. Check that User Assignment is required for your RKVST tenant

The User Assignment Required setting must be yes in order to restrict access to particular users in your directory.

If it is set to no any user at your organisation will be able to login.

Verify User Assignment
  1. Add user to the Enterprise Application
Adding a User
  1. Select the user for role assignment
Selecting a User Role

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