Grouping Assets by Location

Adding a Location

Locations associate an Asset with a ‘home’ that can help when governing sharing policies with OBAC and ABAC. Locations do not need pinpoint precision and can be named by site, building or other logical grouping.

It may still be useful to indicate an Asset’s origin. For example, if tracking traveling consultant’s Laptops, you may still wish to associate them with a ‘home’ office.

Creating a Location

  1. In the Dashboard select Add Location in the Sidebar.
Adding a Location
  1. The following screen will appear:
The Location Webform
  1. Enter both the required Location Name and Address here.
Adding the Location Details
  1. There is an option to add Extended Attributes to a Location using the Extended Attributes Tab.

This is useful to add metadata to a Location, e.g. a site contact’s number and email address.

Adding Extended Attributes to a Location
  1. Once completed and all details entered, click Create Location.
Submitting a Location
  1. Navigate to Manage Locations in the Sidebar to see a list of existing Locations.
Managing a Location
  1. You can inspect details using the eye symbol ( ) to the right of the Location.
Viewing a Location

Assigning a Location to an Asset

Adding at Asset Creation

  1. To assign a pre-existing Location to an Asset during Asset Creation you need only select it from the Location drop-down.
Creating an Asset with an Existing Location

Adding to a pre-existing Asset

  1. To assign a pre-existing asset with a new Location you need to identify the Location Identity

This is found by viewing the Location once complete using the () to the right.

Location Identity
  1. Then create an Event for the Asset and specify the identity of the new Location as noted in step 1, against the arc_home_location_identity key, for example:
Updating an Existing Asset with a new Location
Note - You need to include the full locations/<UUID> reference as using only the UUID will not be recognized.
  1. In the following screenshot note the Location of our Asset has been updated.
Completed update of Asset Location

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