Adding Content Sections to RKVST Docs

Note: For navigation purposes any new content is automatically added to the top level content folder and then follows the path you specify from there.
  1. To add a New Content Section use the rkvst-doks command
rkvst-doks create platform/usecases/

Here you can see we have specified the platform area, the name of our new section and we use the underscored to indicate it is an indexing section of content

Note: The name of each folder should be sluggified The command can then prefill the metadata accordingly
  1. This will create the space in the docs folder for your new section, to then make it visible in the sidebar add it to config/_default/menus.toml using the following format:
  name = "Use Cases & Examples"
  weight = 40
  identifier = "usecases"
  url = "/platform/usecases/"

Where the value in the square brackets is the area of content you are contributing to, in this case usecases

You must also specify the following values:

  • name - The name of the new section as it should appear to Users
  • weight - Where the new section should be added to in the Tables of Content on the left (in numerical order)
  • identifier - A unique idenitfier for your content section, this should be the sluggified version of the name
  • url - where the new section header will lead to, this should match the directory structure of the command in Step 1
  1. You should now see your new section on the left

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