Adding Articles to RKVST Docs

Note: For navigation purposes any new content is automatically added to the top level content folder and then follows the path you specify from there.
  1. To add a New Article use the rkvst-doks command
rkvst-doks create contributing/adding-content/adding-articles-to-doks/

Here you can see we have specified the contributing area, the adding content section and the name of our new article with a non-underscored to indicate this is an article

Note: The name of each folder should be sluggified, the command can then prefill the metadata accordingly.
  1. Edit the newly created document and you should see a metadata template that has been prefilled at the top of the article
title: "Adding Content Sections to Doks"
description: ""
date: 2021-05-20T12:03:27+01:00
lastmod: 2021-05-20T12:03:27+01:00
draft: false
    parent: "adding-content"
weight: 2
images: []
toc: true

There are a lot of attributes here but the key ones to set are as follows:

  • title - This is the title that users will see, this should be prefilled by the rkvst-doks command
  • description - A description of the articles
  • draft - If set to true this article will not be included or visible to Users (including the Developer Serve), this should be set to false when ready to publish
  • menu - This indicates the hierarchy of the article
    • contributing is the name of the area this article belongs to, for docs use that tag instead
      • parent is the content section the article belongs to, use the sluggified identifier
  • weight - The numerical order in which the article should appear
  • toc - If set to true this will make sure the article is listed in the sidebar
  1. Once all of the correct attributs have been set the article should be visible in the sidebar

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